A Better King

Who is this man?
The question lingers through every chapter of Mark.
3 groups of people seem to keep re-appearing in Mark’s gospel with their own answer to the question.
The crowds were astonished by Christ. They watched him perform miracles and teach with more authority than they had ever heard. Is this Elijah? Is this John the Baptist? Or is this someone far greater?
The religious leaders hated Christ. They couldn’t stand the attention he received, but more importantly, they couldn’t stand the threat to their power that he posed.
And the disciples. They followed him. Sure, they will spend most of the gospel quite confused, hardly understanding why Jesus is saying and doing such things. But they trusted him.
As we journey through Mark, the gospel writer will pose to us a question: Who do you say he is? Every miracle, every interaction, every parable… they’re all leading somewhere. They’re all leading to a coronation.
But it’s not a coronation you’d expect.
Because Jesus isn’t the sort of King you’d expect.
Join us every Sunday at 11am as we continue to study through the book of Mark!

Sports Camp

A team from North Carolina is coming out this week to host a sports camp at Risen City!

The camp will be at 6pm tomorrow night, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Location: Risen City, 1410 4th Ave. Charleston, WV.

Sports Camp Includes:

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Dance
  • Art

Free Sunday Breakfast!

Know anyone in Charleston who could benefit from a hot breakfast this Sunday morning?

Bring them out to the Risen City Community Center for free pancakes, eggs, and a cup of hot coffee!

Our Church service will begin at 11am after the breakfast for anyone that would like to stay.


Starts at 9:45am. Everyone is invited!

Risen City, 1410 4th Ave. Charleston, WV